I remember out family’s first camera, a Canon AE-1. I was still very young when we had that camera, and my mother was the official photographer of the family. Although I was too little to carry such a mysterious and expensive artifact, my mother would help me hold the viewfinder to my eye as I clicked a silent and unwound shutter. So would my grandmother, as seen in one of my favorite portraits of myself.
I suppose I got the camera bug from my mother’s side of the family. My Hollis side has a strong connection to the earth and its beauty. My grandfather wrote a book containing his poetry and photography, and to this day my mother is still the first person I share my images with before publishing. As I grew older, digital photography dawned, and I slowly evolved to become the official “Camera Carrier” in the family, often to the point of annoyance - but I loved it.
Today, photography has grown to become a highly significant part of my life. Capturing images has become more than just that. It has given me some of my most precious experiences in my life. Whether it be standing on a hillside during a thunderstorm in Italy with my crazy brother or witnessing another quiet sunrise ins solitude in the Tetons, being there brings joy to my heart and soul. Photography allows me to keep a silent record of that moment forever.
While I am not currently pursuing photography as a professional career, the images on this site are available for print at any size. If you are interested in acquiring a custom print for your home or office, or would like to employ my services as a photographer, please feel free to send me a message using the form below:
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